Moringa OIL

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Moringa seed oil is organic and cold-pressed 
Also used as a culinary/cooking oil
Moringa has exceptional anti-aging properties. The anti-oxidants present in the moringa oil help to curve the activity of free radicals on the skin. Moringa oil has tremendous skincare and cosmetic value.
Moringa Oil contains high amounts of Vitamin A, C, E and unsaturated fatty acids. It has four times the amount of collagen than carrot oil. It helps to rebuild skin fibers. It helps to tighten skin pores. It is able to purify skin, balance the secretion of oil and removes skin fatigue. Diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and helping to prevent sagging of facial muscles. Moringa oil produces a rich and creamy lather and unlike any other plant based oil, actually increases the cleansing ability. Useful in cleaning hair and scalp. Help to stimulate new growth of hair.
If used regularly, clears pimples and prevents recurrence of black heads and spots.
Keeps skin healthy and glowing.
Good for skin allergies, anti-itch, very soothing.
Counteracts the effects of pollution.
Moringa oil can also be used to make soap and many other skincare products! It’s all you will ever need! Get yourself a bottle today.  

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Moringa Oil

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